Tahini balsamic egg salad-in-a-jar

Tahini balsamic egg salad-in-a-jar

Tahini balsamic egg salad-in-a-jar

Week One: January 6-10, 2014

This is the last of three recipes we made for Caitlin for her first week of lunches, aka Salad-in-a-Jar Week!  For all of week one, we ate three varations on the trendiest lunchbox: salad in a jar!  I find you can assemble enough for five days with most meats, or hard-boiled eggs, on Sunday and they keep very well for the whole work week.  The exceptions would be poultry and fresh fish - though smoked or canned would work!

Tahini balsamic egg salad-in-a-jar

For each jar, you'll need:


In wide-mouthed, 1L mason jars layer the salad in in order of heavy/wet ingredients to light/delicate in the following order:

  1. Protein: peeled eggs or drained can of tuna

  2. Sauce: tahini, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, lots of sea salt and black pepper, and chili garlic sauce (optional)

  3. Heavy veggies: I used shredded carrot, shredded purple cabbage, diced dill pickle, and pickled peperoncini peppers

  4. Light veggies: I used baby mixed salad greens and baby spinach